Here Is The News

Wednesday, October 15th:


Today Is The Day

Lord Mantis

March to Victory

Terror Inc.

Doors 7pm    Music 8pm

Ages 21+   $12

Today Is The Day: Led by visionary frontman Steve Austin, Today Is The Day reigns as one of the most unique and influential bands of the past two decades. The band’s violent and anthemic style, which blends metal, noise, psychedelia, and rock, has won worldwide acclaim ever since the debut album, Supernova, first hit in the early 90s. Nine studio albums have been released on such labels as Amphetamine Reptile and Relapse — including modern-day classics like Willpower, Temple of the Morning Star, and In the Eyes of God — and the band’s changing lineup has included such musicians as Brann Dailor and Bill Kelliher, who would later go on to form Mastodon. Today Is The Day has toured the world with Motorhead, Helmet, The Melvins, Morbid Angel, Converge, Napalm Death, Neurosis, Eyehategod, Unsane, Coalesce, and many more. Steve Austin has also made a name as a producer, helping create seminal albums for Lamb Of God, Converge, Deadguy, and more.

Lord Mantis – Blackened/Doom/Noise Metal from Chicago

March To Victory – extreme/death metal band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Terror Inc. – Combining musical elements of early punk, metal, and goth rock

Tuesday, October 14th:


Vattnet Viskar


Horde of the Eclipse

Doors 8pm

Music 8:30pm

Ages 21+    $5


Vattnet Viskar: Something wicked this way comes, wending its way through damp back alleyways and down leafy New England back roads, whispering through still water and dark fog. The clarion call for the next great wave of American black metal has sounded, and Vattnet Viskar is leading the charge. They’ve once again followed the open road ahead, and returned bearing their most important work yet.
With the autumn equinox not far off, Vattnet Viskar has completed work on Sky Swallower, their debut full-length album. Recorded at Universal Noise Storage under the watchful eye of producer Brett Boland, Sky Swallower features eight songs of masterfully executed atmospheric black metal devotion.

Atmospheric music from York

Horde of the Eclipse
Melodic extreme black metal from Harrisburg