Here Is The News

Friday, September 12th:


Shane Speal’s Snake Oil Band

The Lone Wolf Project

Ronn Benway

Aaron Lewis

Doors 8pm

Ages 21+  $5

Shane Speal’s Snake Oil Band: The brainchild of Shane Speal, “The King of the Cigar Box Guitar,” this band pays respect to the old Delta blues musicians who were so poor, they had to build their own instruments. However, the Snake Oil Band isn’t content to rehash the same old music. Hell no…they take the old blues and mix it with pounding foot stomps, breakneck tempos and a stage show inspired by the shyster medicine shows of the American past.

Monday, September 8th:






Doors 8pm

Ages 21+


Carousel: Conceived in early 2010 by guitarist/vocalist Dave Wheeler and drummer Jake Leger, the band’s music incorporates many elements, most notably the harmonized guitar lines of Thin Lizzy, the bombast of Mountain, and the rhythmic propulsion of Diamond Head, Motorhead, and other bands whose names include the word “head”. The band met former Pentagram guitarist Matt Goldsborough while touring Europe in support of their debut LP, Jeweler’s Daughter. The meeting would prove fortuitous, as Matt joined the band following the departure of Chris Tritschler in mid 2014.


Thursday, August 7th:


Open Mic


In The Whale


Stoudt’s Brewing Company Tap Takeover

Stoudt’s Beers on tap:
Stoudt’s Chocolate Cherry Stout 6% abv
Stoudt’s Old Abonimable Barleywine 9% abv
Stoudt’s Black Eye PA 6% abv
Stoudt’s Abbey Double 7% abv

Doors 8pm  Ages 21+ FREE

In The Whale: In the Whale is a high energy, two piece rock band hailing from Denver, CO. Members Nate Valdez (vocals and guitar) and Eric Riley (drums and backing vocals) have been making no nonsense, balls-to-the-wall rock songs since they formed the band in 2011.